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September 2020 Sister Spotlight: Kerry Parish-Campbell

One of our 2019 membership upgrades is the Sister Spotlight, and we are pleased to continue this throughout 2020!

Our September Sister Spotlight is Kerry Parish-Campbell. She was born in Cambridgeshire, England, and raised in Chatteris, a sleepy small town of about 8,000 people, nestled in between two larger towns on each side. She says she always felt as though she had the best of all worlds. She was able to enjoy much time in her cozy little town, or go out and enjoy the larger, adjacent towns, Peterborough and Cambridge. She is the youngest of two kids. She jokingly adds, "I'm not sure I could have taken another sibling; my older brother was more than enough for me!"

Kerry's family always knew she'd either become a stylist or make-up artist, or perhaps a florist. She often made floral arrangements and played 'hairdresser' while growing up. In the UK, she says they leave school at the age of 16, and that's when she started training in hairdressing and beauty therapy. Later she attended the (then) Peterborough Regional College, a 3-year course. They offered her the opportunity to complete a fourth additional year in advanced hairdressing while simultaneously completing her third year. She seized the opportunity.

She worked locally in Peterborough, Cambridge and her hometown before accepting a job in the Cayman Islands as a stylist, which quickly led to her accepting a position at a salon in Plano, Texas. She was introduced to Redken 5th Avenue, specifically Redken Shades EQ, and her love affair with that hair color brand began. It was 1994, and Kerry was only 22 years old. She says, "It seems like only yesterday, but also a lifetime ago!"

In 2002, Kerry met her amazing husband, Charlie, whom she lovingly refers to as her "personal cheerleader." She also obtained her U.S. Permanent Residency (green card) that same week, after a lengthy process. In 2005 at the Roman Baths in Bath, England, Charlie asked Kerry to marry him and be his "forever girl," and they were wed the following May in her hometown. She adds, "I always knew if I got married that it would have to happen back home, in the church I walked by every day and attended every Sunday. Truthfully, we were actually married in a civil ceremony in Ely, the Cathedral City where I was born, and had our rings and marriage blessed in the church where I grew up. The floor had literally just been replaced, and my dad (who worked near the church) kept checking up on the workmen to make sure it was finished it time. He let them know they'd have to work through the night if necessary to ensure it was finished on time. Bless them! They did complete it on time, and my dad was so incredibly proud for me to be the very first bride to walk down that newly finished aisle. Too cute!"

Kerry describes becoming a "blended family" with Charlie's Boston Terrier pup, Brando (the Wonder Dog), and her 2 cats, Winston and Holly. They have all since passed, sadly, and they are now pup-parents to Bentley (the Dramatic Dog, aka The Jerk), and Cooper (Sunshine in a Dog.) Unfortunately, having human children was not meant to be for Kerry and Charlie, but they are still considering fostering children in the future. They have 2 fantastic nieces born to Charlie's younger brother Neil and wife Karen, who reside in Houston, Texas. Kacie is 13 and a phenomenal, competitive rodeo barrel racer. Kallie is 9, highly creative, and always trying to keep up with her big sister. Kerry also has a nephew named Morgan, who is also 9 years old, born to her older brother Neil, and his better half Amanda. She adds, "Uncle Charlie is his absolute favorite, but I'm the favorite Auntie for them all! I'm their only Auntie, but hey, who's counting?"

Kerry is a hairdresser, also known as a hairstylist or stylist, depending on your preference. She absolutely loves her job and her industry, which constantly evolves because of the trends changing and the science-backed improvements. From the history to the future, she loves the architecture of hairdressing. She says she's rarely had a day that she dreaded going into work, and the learning never stops. "Once you think you've go something mastered," Kerry says, "the trend shifts again and you have to shift the way you work. I used to be the eager young whippersnapper stylist, bringing in the fresh air and blowing off the cobwebs. Now though, I'm just as eager, but I work with younger stylists who challenge me to raise my bar while helping ground them in the foundational skillsets. It's challenging, sure, but also incredibly rewarding. The salon industry is known to have a lot of stylists who live paycheck to paycheck, and still to this day, many have a poverty mindset. As a result, I see so many discount their services and undervalue their work. It hurts my heart to see this, because this can be a rewarding and profitable career. I've sat in networking events where fellow attendees admit the idea of their son or daughter becoming a hairdresser is an awful choice, or might lead to a life of struggle. I am passionate about helping to change this mentality, especially in our new and/or younger stylists."

In 2009, Kerry auditioned and became a Redken Artist, which means she represents the Redken 5th Avenue brand and has traveled all over the country teaching other salon professionals everything Redken. She specializes in color and finishing, and earned a coveted spot among other Redken Artists on a Redken Sympoisum team twice, in both 2013 and 2019. Redken Symposium is the largest single brand airshow, held every other year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, where more than 10,000 stylists from all over the world come together to learn, earn, and live better, Redken style!

The Swish Salon Team

In 2014, an opportunity arose to open a salon, and Kerry seized it. In 2015, Swish Salon was born. As she reflects on her journey, she says, "I've had so much to learn and so much I am still learning. I knew how to run my business, but running a larger operation that ultimately would employ 6 stylists, and we are steadily growing, sounds crazy to me. It doesn't come natural to me, but I can recognize my shortcomings and work on them. I've downloaded a lifetime supply of leadership books on audio, and I take every class to grow and support my team in the best possible way. Since opening Swish, I've really focused on growing a culture that is one of a training salon. We have an associate program that pairs newly qualified stylists with experienced ones until they are ready to hit the floor by themselves.

Our stylists also have promotion opportunities, as well as the opportunity to become a training stylist to instill wisdom into new stylists. We focus on providing professional services for our guests in a relaxed environment, delivering detailed consultations that discuss both desired and realistic hair goals, as well as price. No one arrives to the salon wondering whether or not they must refinance the mortgage on the house to get that blonde color you're seeking. We serve both men and women, and we offer haircuts, barber cuts, highlights and color, and hand-tied extensions. It's such an exciting time to be a stylist, and we love helping our clients achieve their hair dreams."

Kerry joined Every Heart Project in 2018 after a fellow member, Christy Simpson, referred her. "Christy always spoke so highly of Janet Bernstein, her leadership, and the group's realness. The fact that the group is so diverse really appealed to me. Plus, you don't have to look a certain way, have a certain kind of job, or live a certain kind of lifestyle. You just show up. The laughter is there. The personal growth and insight is there. The missions are there - I love they choose a local non-profit each year to bless. The connections come as you sit, gather, chat, and of course, laugh!"

Kerry is all about female empowerment, which is just another reason we all love her. She believes we are all beautiful, smart, gentle, and strong. She adds, "We can rule the world and get to look good while we're doing it, but we have to work together." Kerry is currently trying to find a way to offer her services to children in the foster system whose hair is often overlooked, as well as under-privileged young men and women who might be interviewing for schools and jobs and need a haircut.

Every winter, once the Christmas tree goes up at Swish Salon, her entire staff trades donations from clients for a local animal rescue called Frisco Humane Society in exchange for a treat bag, (such as a makeup bag with little samples and special gifts.) They have donated pet food, littler, toys, bedding, collars, and leashes. They eagerly check the rescue's wishlist to cross every item off the list. Kerry says she loves seeing the joy on her clients' and stylists' faces as the gifts pile up under the tree.

Kerry proudly obtained U.S. citizenship on June 30, 2020.

Thank you Kerry for being an amazing Heart Sister and sharing a little bit of your life with us in this spotlight!

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