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Radio Show with Coleen Merk

We had a wonderful time hanging out with Coleen Merk of Sweetwater Eclectic in the studio! We chatted about how she launched her business, in which she takes everyone's throwaways and junk and re-cycles and re-purposes them into one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

She spoke of the unique "vendor booth" she created for our retreat, and you can see a quick glance of that below!

Coleen is also one of our authors in our first collaborative book project, "Every Heart Has a Story," which was just released this month on Amazon! She shares her inspiring story of resilience and transformation, and how to reinvent yourself at any age!

Listen to her show now.

She is also one of our guest speakers at the upcoming Every Heart Has a Gift Women's Retreat, happening November 10-12, 2017! She is delivering a speech called "Tap Into Your Toolbox" and we just know our women will be blown away by what she has in store! We still have a few seats available - register online now!

To see the current projects Coleen is working on, head over to!

If you are interested in being interviewed or becoming a sponsor on our Every Heart Radio Show, contact us today!

See you soon!

Janet & Lori

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