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May 2020 Sister Spotlight: Kavita Gupta

One of our many 2019 upgrades to our membership was a Sister Spotlight each and every month! We have loved reading the many stories of our sisters, and excited to continue this for 2020.

Our May 2020 spotlight is Kavita Gupta. She has been a member of Every Heart Project for over a year, and we are excited to share her story below.

Kavita was born in India, the youngest of 4 kids. She has 2 brothers and a sister. Her mom was a homemaker and her dad was a hard working business man. She did her studies in India and finished with a masters degree in Medieval Indian History. She later became a primary school teacher in India, prior to meeting her husband in 1992. They we introduced at her family home and were engaged that same day in an arranged marriage, quite common in India. They were married 2 months later, and soon had 2 kids, a daughter and a son.

When her son was a little less than 2 months old they moved to the United States for a job opportunity for her husband who works in IT. She was a homemaker initially, and then began working part-time after obtaining a work permit. Her husband traveled often while she was busy with the kids and their extra-curricular activities, and she worked at a Kohl's department store for 14 years. Both of her kids later became 3rd degree black belts!

Several years ago Kavita attended a Property Brothers Real Estate Seminar, which piqued her interest in learning about the real estate market, investing, and flipping houses. She learned about how to invest a 401k in real estate and several other ideas, so she decided to get her real estate license and officially become a realtor. She is now with Keller Williams Realty in Flower Mound, and admits to having a soft spot for Veterans. She adds, "I always give them a special discount when they buy or sell a house with me. I'm also certified to work with seniors, and I'm very patient with all of my clients. I truly love helping people. Real estate is not just a job for me - it's my passion. I like to educate people on what to look for when buying a house."

Kavita was introduced to Every Heart Project by current member and fellow realtor, Paula Castillo. Kavita fondly remembers the first Elevate Event she attended in February 2019:

"It was the day the group paid tribute to Shelley Storm, a Heart Sister who passed away from suicide earlier that week. I felt the love in that room and I instantly knew I had found my tribe."

She added, "I joined Every Heart as a member because I never really made time for myself before, from raising kids and taking care of my home. When our kids grow up, it's almost too late to find like-minded friends! Every Heart gave me sisters who listen and do not judge you for who you are. I also get lots of hugs! (and if you don't know me well, I'm a hugger.)"

Thank you Kavita for being our May 2020 Sister Spotlight and for sharing more of your story. It is a joy to know you and call you my Heart Sister!

Kavita is a member of the Greater Lewisville Association of Realtors, and also volunteers for Kohl's Care for Kids, as well as various charities through Keller Williams. Her picture above is from a volunteer event in which she participated by helping make blankets for a local children's hospital. To reach Kavita, you can contact her here.


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