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February 2020 Sister Spotlight: Gina Doerr

One of our many 2019 upgrades to our membership was a Sister Spotlight each and every month! We have loved reading the many stories of our sisters, and excited to continue this for 2020.

Our February 2020 spotlight is Gina Doerr. I absolutely love sharing more about Gina, because she has been a part of the Sisterhood since the very beginning. She is known to many in the group as super helpful, especially when it comes to resume reviews and questions regarding human resources and interviewing skills. She's incredibly thoughtful and generous and loved by so many of the Sisters!

She's a great writer, so I'm honored to share her story, in her own words:

I moved around most of my childhood and teenage years with my family.  My stepdad was always looking for a better career opportunity and my mom supported him.  I grew up with my sister Heather, my mom and step dad. I have my biological dad and two brothers in New Jersey.  I've lived in 5 states (sometimes more than once), mostly northeast (Maryland, Jersey, Pennsylvania), and been in or through over 30 states either from moves or family trips.  I got exposed to many different experiences moving around, and although hard sometimes, I believe this upbringing made me more adaptable and able to engage with others to develop relationships. 

One interesting fact from my childhood is that I won several local spelling bees in Pennsylvania my 8th grade year which led to me participating in the 1996 Scripps Howard Spelling Bee in Washington DC.  That was fun and a once in a lifetime experience. I ended up back in Dallas in 1999 for my senior high school year and graduated in 2000.  All through college and beyond I worked in Aquatics at the Coppell YMCA.  All in total I actually worked for the Y for about 17 years. I was first a lifeguard and swim instructor and then became a trainer for lifeguards, trainer for swim instructors and water fitness instructor.  I also worked for years in the adapted aquatics program where I taught private lessons to children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Down syndrome, etc. 

I went to the University of North Texas and got a BA in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. I met my husband, Chad, in college at the age of 19 (he was 25) and we have been together ever since. It has now been 18 years together with about 12 of those years married.  We have one amazing 8 year old son, Hudson, who is currently in 2nd grade.

I joined the Every Heart Sisters in 2015 when it was still a part of a national women's organization.  I had co-created a women's group in my workplace and was looking for inspiration and connection with other women who could potentially provide resources and assistance with our goals for the group at my work. As I got involved, I really liked Janet, the energy of the group, and the networking opportunities.  After a year or so in the group, it changed in the mission to heart centered and I was so pleased to hear that. I had never been a group that celebrated caring and connection and it really appealed to me. I was attending off and on and was determined to go to the second retreat. (I missed the first one due to a previously scheduled vacation.) Once I went to retreat #2 (and my first), I was hooked! I loved the message, connecting with the women in the group and all the sharing, vulnerability, and growth I witnessed. I've been faithfully attending and ever since and have loved every minute. In the past almost 5 years, I have met beautiful women with amazing hearts, supported sisterhood, and grown as a person and as a women. I have changed in ways I never thought possible before being a part of this group.

I have been an HR Professional for 14 years and have been and HR Manager for almost 4 years, currently with Reynolds Consumer Products. Reynolds is well known for their aluminum foil and kitchen products and also own Hefty and Presto (I work in the Presto business unit). All my HR career has been in manufacturing and I love what I do.  I love the manufacturing industry because you can see the value

every day of what is being made and realize the benefit of the end use for the consumer and how it makes their lives better.  I love HR because every day is different and I get to interact with others in the workplace in so many different ways such as talent development, training, engagement, strategy for labor growth and sustainability and basically making the work environment a valuable place for employees to spend their time.  We spend most of our time at work, we should feel valued and have fun!

With my history in working with individuals with disabilities, I believe strongly in any causes that support research and resources for those that have family members with a disability. I noticed in all my years 

teaching kids and adults with disabilities and in speaking with their families, that having resources and support is critical.  The more activities that are available to these groups, the better. I heard time and time 

again how much the parents appreciated the opportunity for their children to learn to swim, be a part of the aquatics community, and to participate and compete in Special Olympics. In addition to being fun, the

participants got physical activity and learned the value of team work. Over the years, I've been thanked by many parents, but I have to say, working with those kids and adults, I am the one who was blessed. 

We have one crazy kitty named Reno and we lost our big dog fur baby, Vegas, last July. (Notice a theme?).  I am a member of National Society for Human Resource Management and DallasHR. 

I received my SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) certification in June 2019.  I have a love of reading that started around 8 years old and continues to this day. I have a passion for training 

that started at the early age of 18 in the YMCA. I love everything zombie, books, movies, shows, you name it. I've been learning to play the piano the last 3 years off and on and love to sing (who doesn't

know that by now?).

Thank you Gina for sharing a little more of your HEART! We love having you as part of our Sisterhood and look forward to many more years of retreats with you singing your heart out at Karaoke!

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