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December Sister Spotlight: Eva Iguaran

Updated: Jan 10

One of our 2019 #Upgrades for our Every Heart Sister Membership is our new Sister Spotlight! Every single month we will feature one of our valued members and share some of what makes their HEART shine.

Our December Sister Spotlight is Eva Iguaran. She is a professional photographer at Evadiana Photography and specializes in Maternity, birth, and newborn. She helps future parents share their stories through photographs and video. Her ideal client knows that they want to leave a legacy, and no one needs to convince them, and that is what her images do. They know that birth is a one of a kind special event and worth capturing. In fact, Eva is our primary photographer for The Every Heart Project, and has captured many of our treasured events from Elevates to the retreats. We are blessed to have her as part of our team, and I am honored to share her story.

In her own words:

I grew up in Alabama in the country, born in 1976, and was the baby of five siblings.

During my close-to-perfect childhood I enjoyed climbing trees and riding my bike. It was much later in life that I learned that it wasn’t so perfect for one of my siblings; who was molested, and that has shaped who I am today. My Mexican American mom made homemade tortillas, granola, canned, and she practiced natural remedies.This is where I adopted many of my ‘crunchy’ ways. I got the bug of road trips and travel from my dad. I was a teen when my dad took my mom and I on a tour to Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. It was life changing. It was in Turkey where I first heard God call me to speak. I was given another opportunity to travel to Mexico one spring break during high school. I didn’t want to leave, and on this mission trip I felt called again to speak.

It was during high school that my boyfriend was killed. He was my boyfriend from the 6th grade when I first moved to Keene, Texas. My outlook on life changed dramatically. In high school I played basketball, and cried at almost every practice. My whole body mourned at every challenge. So, I excelled at running, winning almost every long distance race during that time. Physical pain has always been an outlet for the emotional pain.

In college I struggled to make good grades, unlike in high school. Nursing wasn’t easy. I wish the instructors would have noticed my ADD (I was the last person to finish every exam). After graduation I was invited to teach English to preK and Kinder students in Romania. That had always been a dream of mine. My mom read countless missionary stories to me as a child. During the two years I was in Romania, I learned more about myself than I did in high school and college combined. Many people think I’m Romanian to this day because of how much I talk about my experience there.

I really enjoy learning and trying new things. I love meeting new people and networking and connecting. I love my family, my church family, health, natural remedies, documentaries, transparency, deep conversation, travel, road trips, flea markets, garage sales, exercising, hiking, nature, rainbows, music, singing, fashion, roller skating, and making people laugh. I’ve learned that by asking questions, and going deeper things aren’t as hard as we make them out to be. We really can do all things through Christ who is our strength. I’ve completed 4 marathons and attempted my first half Ironman race this past June and have learned to debunk the myths and lies surrounding things that are difficult. In the future I want to speak more on depression, suicide, and abuse. I’ve lived through some dark moments and I long to shed more light on those issues. More transparency is needed.

The Every Heart project is where I learned to write down my dreams. After I attended the first retreat, I learned that this type of sisterhood is what I needed. The women were transparent and they were sharing their stories. I felt inspired and included. I learned how to put my dreams on paper and how to voice them out loud without ridicule. I wrote down that I wanted to make a documentary and in January I traveled to Haiti to do just that, where I participated in something amazing called MamaBabyHaiti. I even caught a baby and would love to become a midwife someday. The dreaming never ends.

I feel stronger with each sister encounter. I love the concept of straightening each others crown. And I’ve prayed over and embraced community over competition. love the retreats from beginning to end. The welcoming sisters and all the details. The weekend feels like a vacation. The wonderful hotel stay and the fun and laughter. my favorite part is hearing the speakers. I love to listen and learn and gather life lessons. I would tell future retreaters to let go and see how they will be blessed and be a blessing to someone. This event is life changing.

Thank you Eva for sharing a piece of your story and your HEART!

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