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October Sister Spotlight: Helen Holden

Updated: Jan 10

One of our 2019 #Upgrades for our Every Heart Sister Membership is our new Sister Spotlight! Every single month we will feature one of our valued members and share some of what makes their HEART shine.

Our October Sister Spotlight is Helen Holden. She's a New Zealand native who left her homeland at the age of 35 to pursue a career opportunity for her husband, Steve. Their two sons, Matt and Jake, were 8 and 9 years old at the time, and they thought spending a few years living in England would be exciting and a true adventure! After three awesome years in the UK, they were ready to return back home, but Steve was offered another incredible work opportunity in the United States. Helen admits it was incredibly scary to consider moving to such a massive country with so many people! But ultimately, they made the decision to make the leap. After living in several cities and states, such as Boston, Philadelphia and Florida, they have since settled in Texas, and have lived here for the past five years. Their son Matt, now age 28, lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan as a Senior Account Executive for a software company. Their other son Jake, now 26, lives in Philadelphia as a Business Operations Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

Helen launched her business, Elevate, three years ago. As a personal stylist, her passion is to work with women to enable them to reflect on the outside who they truly are on the inside. She adds, "We all change throughout life - body, age, occupation, location to name a few - our choice of clothing can be one of the most creative and effective forms of self-expression." She admits to having the idea several years earlier, but just wasn't ready to step into that role until moving to Texas. Her experience in fashion retail taught her which shapes, styles and colors fit and flatter each person's unique shape and personality. Her favorite part of the experience has always been connecting with people, helping them make great outfit choices, and seeing their confidence and physical transformations bloom. My ideal client is someone who is going through some transition in their life and they are trying to find "who they are now." A great example is one of her clients, a vet who had lived in scrubs for 20 years. They have since had several styling appointments and Helen says, "It has been so rewarding to see her rediscover herself."

Helen joined The Every Heart Project as a member two years ago, following a chance meeting with Lori Dixon. She told her about the group and invited her to speak at the second annual retreat, using her skills as a stylist. Her task was to dress four different personality types, and the results were a huge hit at the retreat. Helen adds, "I love this group for so many reasons. The women, the personal development and learning and growing is so empowering. I've learned that overcoming the smallest of obstacles has helped me to move forward with the biggest strides. The retreats are truly amazing and I highly recommend taking a weekend off to invest in yourself if you haven't attended one. It's such an amazing experience, and I'm excited to be attending my third retreat in a row this year!"

When she's not attending the Heart Sister events, working with her amazing clients, or shopping, you can find Helen hanging with her amazing husband, Steve, and their adorable fur-baby, Louie, an adopted shih tzu they added to the family two years ago.

(This picture is flying over Central Otago in New Zealand - they place she calls home.)

If you are not a member of The Every Heart Project, we invite you to join us for a future event and experience the magic of our Sisterhood!

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