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September Sister Spotlight: Rebecca Low

Updated: Jan 10

One of our 2019 #Upgrades for our Every Heart Sister Membership is our new Sister Spotlight! Every single month we will feature one of our valued members and share some of what makes their HEART shine!

Our September Sister Spotlight is Rebecca Low. I met Rebecca over a year ago when she showed up to one of our Every Heart events and I was immediately drawn to her purple hair and spunky personality. She was an authentic, breath of fresh air and I just knew she'd be a fabulous contribution to our Sisterhood. I've enjoyed seeing her flourish and be a Sister to so many of our members. I'm excited to share her spotlight with you!

Rebecca grew up in Southern California. She met her husband, Chris, the day she moved into her college dorm room at UCLA. They were friends for 3 years, dated for 6 years, and have been married for 13 years. Once they got married and planned to buy their first house, they were pretty disappointed with the options and high living cost of Los Angeles, so they relocated to Frisco, Texas in 2007. She told me, "it was one of the best decisions we have ever made." We agree!

A Senior Product Manager for web and mobile applications, Rebecca explains she is "responsible for deciding what software engineers build, why it should be built, and when (or what order) features are built." She also runs several websites as a side hustle. Currently, her focus is on Disney Dooney & Burke Guide, which has become the most comprehensive reference guide for this line of luxury handbags. She's also working towards launching, an online resource for adults-only trips and traveling without kids. She told me, "I want to reduce the negative stigma of being childfree by choice and bring awareness to the pressure placed on women by the expectation they should have children."

Rebecca and her husband love to travel. They have sailed 19 cruises and visited 37 countries. She is an avid collector of Disney and comic merchandise, such as pins, figurines, and artwork, and was featured in "The Official eBay Guide" book. She's also proudly completed every runDisney half marathon at least once worldwide!

Since her college days, she's been the fur-mom of 2 hedgehogs, 5 hamsters, 18 rats, and 2 dogs. As you can probably tell. animals both big and small hold a big place in Rebecca's heart. I supports several organizations focused on helping local pets find their forever homes, including SPCA of Texas, Frisco Human Society, and DFW Rat Rescue. She's also the President of North Texas Corgis, a group of nearly 5,000 corgi owners! She and husband Chris reside in Frisco with their own two Corgis, Waffles and Cinnabon, who Rebecca smiles and shares are "social media semi-celebrities." Check them out here on Facebook and Instagram. She is also the Social Committee Chairperson for her neighborhood HOA.

I asked Rebecca why she joined The Every Heart Project in 2018. She replied, "I found this group during a tough period following a job layoff. I joined a few networking groups, in hopes of securing a new job. The group was not what I expected at all but it was (and still is) what I needed most! I found something that will last way longer than a job...a true sisterhood of women who love and encourage each other. I love the monthly events, but I am most looking forward to attending my first retreat this year, especially since I've heard so many amazing things about the retreats!"

Thank you Rebecca for being an engaged sister and supporting the mission and your sisters! We are thankful to have you as part of our tribe and excited to watch you grow even more.

If you are not a member of The Every Heart Project, we invite you to join us for a future event and experience the magic of our Sisterhood!

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