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June Sister Spotlight: Linda Stanley

Updated: Jan 10

One of our 2019 #Upgrades for our Every Heart Sister Membership is our new Sister Spotlight! Every single month we will feature one of our valued members and share some of what makes their HEART shine!

Our June Sister Spotlight is Linda Stanley!

Linda is originally from Michigan and graduated from Farmington High School. Her parents agreed to pay for her college education, as long as she picked a Church of Christ school, so she chose Abilene Christian University where her cousin attended and never looked back. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Accounting. She became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and worked for 30 years for Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene starting out as an accounts payable clerk while attending college. She eventually ended up as the Controller of the organization. She then worked for 10 years as the Chief Financial Officer for a multi specialty physicians group of 40 doctors, also located in Abilene. She and her husband then relocated to Carrollton, Texas.

Linda now works for Silverado Hospice in Addison as their Volunteer Manager. She admits having a huge heart for hospice. Her dad had Alzheimer's and at the end of his life the hospice team in Montgomery, Alabama was truly a God-send to him and their family in his final weeks. They also helped her mom as she struggled to care for him at their home. This passion led her to her current position in the hospice industry.

Many of our Heart Sisters know Linda is very passionate about essential oils, and proud of her 'side hustle' with doTERRA Essential Oils. She opened up and shared how she struggled with severe headaches daily, as well as restless leg syndrome, and was prescribed highly addictive narcotics for both conditions. About five years ago, she was introduced to various combinations of essential oils, and was able to take herself off of both prescriptions. When she retired from her corporate healthcare career, she made the decision to focus her attention on her love for essential oils and her goal is to share the benefits of these products with friends, family members and everyone she meets.

I asked Linda about why she joined the Every Heart Sisters, and she admitted that making friends, especially as an introvert, can be a struggle for her. When she moved to Carrollton from Abilene, she knew no one in the area, and truly missed having friends nearby, to grab a cup of coffee or lunch. She loves being a part of the Sisterhood because there are friends from all backgrounds and walks of life, and she enjoys attending the events and getting to know everyone better. She admits she is shy at first, but is slowly coming out of her shell.

Linda is a mom to two wonderful young men named Chad and Janson, and their beautiful wives Abby and Julie. (She said that technically she is stepmom, but they are her kids.) She is also a proud Nana to three of the most fabulous grandkids on the planet! Their names are Michael (age 8), Matthew (age 6), and Libby (age 4).

When she's not 'slinging oils' (her fun term she often uses at networking events), she loves traveling, shopping and reading.

Thank you Linda for being an amazing Heart Sister!

~ Janet

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