• Janet Bernstein

Changes & Moving Forward

For our Sisters who were not able to attend Elevate last Thursday night, you may have woken up Friday morning to some confusing messages on social media. I know change can be tough for many, and even overwhelming, so let's clarify what exactly is changing.

First of all, the project is moving forward. Our goal for 2018 was to "Take Flight," and we are surely doing that on a daily basis in our amazing group. Quite literally, Co-Founder Lori Dixon decided to take flight and pursue other endeavors, and step down as an organizer and active member of the group. It was a difficult decision for all involved, and one that was not made lightly. She posted a final message in the group (and again on her social media pages) to prevent any confusion about the actions taken.

Although Lori will always be part of the creation of this project, neither Lori nor I are what makes the project special.

What makes this project special are the women we call Heart Sisters, who show up daily in the Facebook group and the events with open hearts and open arms. This project is the friendships that are created at our incredible retreats and workshops. This project is the brave Heart Sister who chooses to make a big leap to launch her business or non-profit, and the supportive Heart Sisters who show up to stand beside her. This project isn't one person or even two people. It's within women everywhere. From the 85 current members to the women all over the country who may soon become a part of it... that's what the project means.

As your President and Co-Founder, my passion and my mission is to continue to move forward with this project. We have several upcoming events, including Speaker Camp and our annual women's retreat in October. Truthfully, this feeling of heartbreak simply does not compare to the future of the women whose lives will be forever changed by our upcoming events. My tears following some of the toughest months of my life will dry up quickly as I reflect upon the happy tears shed at our prior retreats. My sudden realization following last week's meeting was that I was willing to set aside my personal feelings and desires for the future of a project I knew was greater than any business venture I'd ever pursue. My heart was strictly focused on each of my Sisters, watching them process the news and deal with those emotions.

I encourage you to allow yourself to feel those emotions as they arise. Life is full of them, and loss and grief will be no stranger to any of us throughout our lives. But know that you have a tribe to surround you, to protect you, and to lift you up when you feel as though you may not be able to stand any longer. Over the last several days, I have felt this amazing love. And I want to say 'thank you.' I hope you all know how much you mean to me... each and every one of you.

And to the future Heart Sisters reading this, we are ready and willing to welcome you to our tribe. Be prepared to take off that armor you've carried your entire life; you won't need it anymore.

Welcome home.

Welcome to The Every Heart Project.

With Heart,


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