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Radio Show with Carole Maxwell

We were super excited to be able to interview our Heart Sister and Inner Circle Member, Carole Maxwell! Carole's interview focuses a great deal on finding balance in life, which may seem comical when you find out she's a Sugar Artist AND a health and wellness coach! Ha!

But seriously, who better to talk about balance than someone who is doing it daily in her life and business? She shares some incredible tips and tricks on how to start a healthy lifestyle, and the difference between the "cleanse" you may hear a lot about and her recommendations if you want to do a cleanse.

Listen to Carole's amazing interview here.

We also want to share some of Carole's amazing creations, including the famous Chocolate Pizza she is known for and loved for, especially during the holidays!

To learn more about Carole, check out her businesses:

Own Your Health with Carole

Carole's Confectionary

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