• Janet Bernstein

Radio Show with My City Doll

This week we had the opportunity to sit down and interview Jill Boyce, the Creator of My City Doll, a new kind of doll coming soon! My City Doll plans to bring a gorgeous doll to little girls everywhere, with a greater mission of helping little girls boost their self-esteem and inspire them to write, journal, travel and more!

Sitting down with Jill, it was apparent that her mission is much greater and more meaningful than just creating a new babydoll. She is creating a movement! In fact, we were so excited about her project, that the Every Heart Project has already committed to pledging $100 in her upcoming Kickstarter campaign (which has been postponed, but starting soon!) We promise to update everyone once it's live and ready for pledges!

Listen to her interview here!

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Until next time!

~Janet & Lori

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