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What's Next for The Every Heart Project?

Last night we hosted our monthly Women's Elevate Event at the Coffee House Cafe in North Dallas. We had close to 35 women in attendance, and it was awesome and inspiring as usual. We did make a few pretty big announcements, and wanted to share them with everyone who maybe wasn't able to attend, as well as elaborate on some of the questions we have received since the announcements were made.

We are moving to a Membership Program as an added benefit to our group!

What this means:

  • Member-only events!

  • Member pricing on events

  • Discounts on coaching or mentoring sessions

  • Discounts on marketing or strategy sessions

  • Access to online courses

  • Access to member directory

  • Opportunity to guest blog on The Every Heart Project blog

  • Exclusive drama-free Facebook group for members only

  • Opportunity to apply for "Inner Circle" leadership opportunity

  • Participate in collaborative book projects

  • Monthly newsletter with opportunity to be "member of the month" spotlight

We will offer three (3) different Membership options:

1. Non-Members - FREE

  • Membership is NEVER required for any of our sisters to join us at events or workshops. A sister may attend every open event and will never be required to switch to a paid membership.

  • Non-Members will pay a $25 fee to attend the Empower Brunch

  • Non-Members will pay a $15 fee to attend the Elevate Event

  • Non-Members will have limited access to the online resources, and no access to the member directory.

2. Heart Sister Member - $7 per month (renews monthly)

  • Members have access to ALL events, including "member-only" events, such as the Holiday Party.

  • Members will pay a $20 fee to attend the Empower Brunch

  • Members will pay a $10 fee to attend the Elevate Event

  • Members will have full access to online resources

  • Members will be listed in our NEW member directory, coming January 2018!

  • Members will have access to the exclusive Facebook group (the current group will soon be dissolved or become inactive.)

3. Inner Circle Member -$17 per month (renews monthly)

  • Access to all events

  • Discounts on leadership training and exclusive leader events or workshops

  • Inner Circle members will pay a $20 fee to attend the Empower Brunch

  • Inner Circle members may attend the Elevate Event for free

  • Inner Circle members have full access to online resources, and may be given an opportunity to contribute.

  • Inner Circle members will be listed in the member directory, as well as the option for a business listing on the website (public view.)

** Inner Circle members are required to submit an application and a limited number are chosen each year. Inner Circle members must commit to attend most events and will have responsibilities at events such as greeting members and guests, registration/payments, social media assistance or technical assistance (agreed upon based on unique gifts and talents, etc.)


Question: Why are we charging for membership?

Answer: We have been asked by our sisters many times to offer a member directory and more online resources. In order to add these options, fees are involved, as is our time and energy to full manage and execute the website updates.

Question: Why do we charge both a membership fee and a fee for events such as the Empower Brunch and the Elevate Event?

Answer: Many may not be aware, but most restaurants and locations charge room rental fees or minimums to allow events. In the past, all of our events were free to RSVP, and sisters would simply be responsible for food or drink purchases. Although we preferred this method, every single event resulted in more than 10 or 15 "no-shows" - and one month more than 25 women completed the RSVP and didn't ever show up. This makes it tough to plan for events, and even tougher when our restaurants or venues rely upon the registration numbers to staff accordingly. We do take a portion of the monies collected for these events to purchase gift cards and various giveaway items, appetizers or drinks at events, or even surprise a sister and purchase her meal. We may also bless a sister who is struggling financially by covering her brunch cost to attend, etc.

Question: Will Inner Circle Members need to re-apply each year to remain in their role?

Answer: The honest answer for now is that we don't think so. Our goal is to always continue to pour into our ladies at whatever capacity they may need. A sister may apply and be approved an Inner Circle Member, but find herself taking on a new job opportunity that doesn't allow her to attend as much or take on additional responsibilities. With that in mind, we may mutually agree to update her membership from Inner Circle to a standard Heart Sister membership. It will always be for what is best for the Heart Sister Group and the Heart Sister herself. We want an open dialogue through these decisions.

Have more questions? Send them to us via email, text or reach out on Facebook. We want to answer the questions you have and ease any concerns or fears about what is to come. This much needed change for our group is what we hope will be a catalyst for growth for each of you! We want to offer you so much more and provide more opportunities to get to know each other even more and at a deeper level! Our mission remains to Empower, Elevate and Equip you for success!

From Our Hearts,

Janet & Lori

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