Let's face it; women are busy. We have over-scheduled ourselves, overbooked our calendars and we are running out of steam. We have a list of things we need to do on our list, but we hesitate to ask for help getting those things done or finding solutions to challenges we might be facing. 

We are on a mission to change that!

Our in-person Empower events are currently on hold due to Covid-19.

Feel free to join as a member to be the first to know when live events will resume again!

We are currently offering a Virtual Empower to our members.

"I can't tell you how blessed I feel that I have encountered this group after my transition to Dallas. What a GREAT concept and vision you had!!! Thank you for creating those groups and for leading us to connect, build solid relationships and to help each other."

~ Dayna

"The Power Brunch this week was awesome! There is such a synergy in the group. All the people that I have met through Janet  is amazing!"

~ Heather

"Easily one of the best events I have ever attended. I was skeptical when I heard about this, but so glad I came. I have met excellent connections and truly feel heard in this group. Thank you for bringing us together!"

~ Susan

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