Our mission

The Every Heart Project is a heart-centered sisterhood providing inspiring events, retreats, workshops, and mentoring to create drama-free, authentic friendships for women.

Real Women. Real Connections.



Sister Testimonials

“I love being a part of a supportive sisterhood that celebrates our gifts and talents and pushes us to realize our dreams.”

~ Gina Doerr

“I love surrounding myself with like-minded sisters who support me and remind me I am worth it. This is the first group where ladies actually 'fix each other's crowns'.”

~ Kavita Gupta

“Every Heart Sisters is one of the best groups I've joined. It's rare to find a women's group that focuses on loving one another no matter the journey...”

~ Becky Pulsipher

“Being a part of this tribe has been a transformative experience. It is rare to find such a loving and supportive environment where women can feel inspired, welcomed and not judged.”

~ Janet George Flaig

“This group gave me the courage to launch a business that had been living in my heart for years. I've gained supportive friendships I will cherish forever.”

~ Christy Simpson

“I didn't really have any mom-friends before...but now I have dozens of strong women friends of all ages, demographics, professions! I'm so thankful I met most of them through this group.”

~ Virginia Elder

Who We Serve

We chose the name 'Every Heart'

because we believe we are called

to serve the hearts of women.

All women.

All backgrounds, all occupations, all religions.

More empathy, less judgment.

All hearts are welcome here.

Our Events


From social media to branding, as well as writing, speaking and more for business or professional growth for women of all ages.


Our signature evening event featuring inspiration, connections, education, and fun! Arrive as friends, leave as Sisters, and have an amazing time!


Gather with like-minded women and share business needs or challenges in a supportive environment. Get answers, support, and feel empowered.


Pack your bags and prepare for the ultimate weekend of self-love, self-care, and self-development, Say yes to the opportunity to retreat from the busyness to get back to who you truly are, and gather with a supportive tribe.

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When we say "every heart matters", we truly mean it.

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